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 Current Experie​nce 

Dr. Hunter is Licensed Clinical Psychologist to practice both in Virginia and California. She has recently become authorized to practice teletherapy under the authority of PSYPACT, and has obtained the Authority to Practice Interjurisdictional Telepsychology (APIT). She has an active ASPPB E. Passport for all states who participate in  PSYPACT, Dr. Hunter is also an active member of The National Register of Health Service Psychologists. 


Currently, Dr. Hunter sees clients privately at The Child and Family Counseling Group in Fairfax, Virginia both in-person and virtually. She is recognized as one of the area's leading clinicians who works with teens and clients who struggle with self-injury and self-esteem issues. She believes in bringing authenticity and compassion to every client she works with. Dr. Hunter underlines her work with the power of the therapeutic relationship and integrates humor and mindfulness into her approach. She enjoys working with individuals, groups, couples and families and dives into the opportunity to administer psychological testing.


 Her areas of expertise include working with affective disorders such as depression and other mood disorders, anxiety disorders (Panic Disorder, OCD, agoraphobia), relationship and communication concerns, grief and loss, identity matters, higher-risk teens, ADHD and clients who have struggled with a history of emotional or physical trauma or loss.

Past Experience

Dr. Hunter's approach to therapy originates from her psychodynamic training and weaves in her experience in a variety of settings.  She earned a Doctorate from The Professional Psychology Program at The George Washington University and Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts in Applied Psychology from Boston University. Upon completion of her doctorate she participated in a clinical internship at The Counseling Center at The University of California in Riverside where she was trained for a specialty in Biofeedback training.

Dr. Hunter has also had the opportunity to work with adolescents, young adults, older adults, couples and families. Dr. Hunter began her career working with older adults inpatient and outpatient and then worked in management as both a Team Supervisor and Program Director within the Pacific Clinics/Portals mental health agency in Los Angeles County, California. She has also taken an active role in the development of the Full-Services Partnership program for Older Adults in Pacific Clinics.


"The curious paradox

 is that when I accept myself just as I am,

 then I can change"

-Carl Rogers

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