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“Staying vulnerable is a risk we have to take if we want to experience connection"

-Brene Brown  


iConnection is very important to Dr. Hunter both with her clients but also with colleagues and her community. As well, she works in her practice with clients to develop a better sense of connection as well, to their own thoughts, senses and observations and understanding of themselves. She views this connection as vital to growth and to healing. 


Dr. Hunter believes that this is something many of us desire for our lives and within ourselves but are not sure how to achieve it. Often times, we fear it and desire it at the same time. An essential part of the work she does with clients is to foster the opportunity for them to bring about the change they want in their lives. 


Acceptance is what we all strive for in others, ourselves and in our surroundings. Dr. Hunter works with her clients to achieve self-acceptance, learning to reduce negative self-talk, and the ability to use effective coping strategies and tools to manage stress and begin to practice acceptance.  


"Resilience is not about overcoming,

 but becoming."

-Sherri Mandell

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